Park Slope? How about Greenwood Heights!

Luke Constantino 6/4/2011

We all know that Park Slope has become more expensive right after it was rated the best neighborhood in NYC, but right next door, within blocks of “The Slope” is the Greenwood section of Brooklyn. This area is still very reasonably priced, safe, quiet and beautiful. YOU CAN EVEN FIND PARKING HERE!!!  You are literally close enough to enjoy all the benefits of Park Slope while living just far enough to be in a quiet, residential area.

Nestled between Park Slope and Sunset Park, Greenwood Heights is best known for its cemetery (Greenwood Cemetery), which is one of the most famous in the country!  From great American conductor/composer Leonard Bernstein to Andy Warhol’s controversial protégé Jean-Michel Basquiat, Greenwood Cemetery boasts some of the most influential residents anywhere. It was even the site of a historical colonial battle called “The Battle of Brooklyn”, which was also called “The Battle of Long Island” (Back then, Brooklyn was part of Long Island). This battle took place on August 27, 1776 and was won by the British. I guess that’s why the saying “You can’t win them all’ became famous here too.

Greenwood Heights has a wide variety of ethnic influences and is very diverse for such a small area. Along with the new condominiums that have gone up recently, you can still see a lot of two family houses in the area. Greenwood Heights has an abundance of stores, restaurants schools, shopping and parks. The 36 Street train station on Fourth Avenue is a major stop with the D, N and R making anywhere in NYC accessible from here!

Walk Score accessibility site:

Where is Greenwood Heights exactly? It’s roughly from 3rd to Eighth Avenue from east to west and from the Prospect Expressway to 36th Street north to south. Greenwood Heights borders Sunset Park from the south and Park Slope to the north. Some residents even called this area “South Slope”.

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