Who Has the Best Pizza In Park Slope?

After talking to a number of people, I narrowed down the list of pizzerias to the five places most mentioned.  After going on this quest, I had to double my time in the gym, but it was worth it.  Don’t get bent out of shape if your place isn’t here, I’m only one guy with two feet and one stomach.  If you have another place, that’s great – let me know. Here are the five from my list.  At each place, I tried the regular slice.

Joe’s Pizza – 137 7th Ave

This is the kind of street pizza I grew up with.  It’s not the gourmet stuff you’re going to get at some other places.  It’s just a good slice that will satisfy you.  To walk into a neighborhood pizza place and grab a regular slice was damn good.  I like the feel of the place too: “It’s Brooklyn.”  A slice, a soda and you’re good to go!

Pino’s La Forchetta – 181 7th Ave

This pizza was very similar to Joe’s pizza but tasted a little better.  The service there was really good, even though they were very busy when I was there.  The atmosphere in Pino’s was pretty nice and I like the neon lights on the windows.

Nice place, nice slice.

Roma Pizza – 85 7th Ave

If you like cheesy pizza, this is the place. They give you a nice cheesy slice with a hint of oregano.  For me, it was a dull and forgettable slice.  It could use a little salt, some garlic and a little more sauce.  In my opinion, you’re better off going to Pino’s or Joes if you’re on 7th Avenue.  I honestly don’t know how three pizzerias that are so close together stay in business.  I guess it’s better than bringing your baby to the bar (local inside joke).

La Villa – 261 5th Ave.

I’m doing slices…

They only sell pies.

Smiling Pizza – 323 7th Ave

This was an old hang out of mine when I was a kid.  We knew it as “Smilies,” as do a lot of people in Park Slope.  My friends and I would always get a slice at “Smilies” when we came off the F train from Manhattan. I never said or will say it was great pizza, but this slice holds memories for me.  They say “pizza is like sex…  Even if it’s bad… It’s good”.

They must have been talking about “Smilies.”


Johnny Hollywood – 551 4th Ave

I’m driving home from my office and out of nowhere I see “Johnny Hollywood Pizza”… You know me, I had to stop in. Johnny (the owner) was there so we had a little guy talk; asked him how long he’s been open, etc. I took a regular and square slice to go. After devouring both slices I was blown away! They were literally better than anything Park slope has to offer. I have a renewed feeling that there is hope for Park Slope when it comes to delicious pizza. Johnny Hollywood’s is a little out of the way on 14th and 4th but, HE DELIVERS!!! The regular slice had a perfect texture, with a perfect blend of herbs, garlic and cheese, unlike other places that over garlic or over cheese to compensate for a bad pizza. In my opinion, it is the best slice in Park Slope. As for the square? I can almost swear they stole the recipe from the famous “L&B Spumoni Gardens”. This square had the same exceptional taste, but I think he uses a sweeter Roma tomato. Whatever Johnny Hollywood does, the square slice there is fantastic!!!

If you live in the Park Slope area, don’t deny yourself of having an excellent slice. Stop in and tell Johnny “Luke sent me…” I don’t get anything for it but Johnny might get a laugh out of it.


 Let’s face it: Park Slope is never going to be famous for its pizza like Bensonhurst is, but it’s a great place to live and was one of the best places to play stickball when I was a kid. You can’t beat the people and its unique variety of shops and stores. I’ve seen it go from a working class neighborhood in the 70’s to the beautiful cosmopolitan neighborhood it is now. Can the pizza be better? Yes, but you cannot find a better place to live in Brooklyn.  

Luke Constantino
Keller Williams Real Estate
9120 4th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11209
Office: (718) 954 8400
Direct: (212) 300-3919


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