Reasons why you should have a buyer’s broker on your side

Luke Constantino – 5/1/12

You’re buying a house…  You finally cleaned up your credit, saved a little money and are looking for that place you always wanted. You find it; everything is perfect, except for one thing: “The price”. You know in your heart you can get it for a little less, but you don’t want to overprice your first bid always having on your mind I could have gotten it for less. If you underprice it, the seller will not take you seriously… What to do?

Call a buyer’s broker.

There are two sides to every sale: A buyer and a seller. As we all know, the seller is always going to try to get the highest price and the buyer, the lowest.  The majority of sellers have a Realtor working for them trying to get the highest price because in reality, The Realtor will make more money. So how do you, the buyer get the best price possible? Hire “A Buyer’s Broker”.A Buyer’s Broker is also called “A buyer’s agent” or “A buyers’ Realtor”. Their main job is to work with you till you find that property you like and try to get you the lowest marketable price. In the long run, working with a buyer’s broker will save you quite a bit or money and expose you to properties you didn’t know were on the market. The buyer’s broker gets paid a percentage of the selling agent/broker’s commission.

Always ask if they know the area you are looking in, sold any property there and how long they have been in the business. Let them know what your expectations are beforehand, so you’re both working on the same page. A buyer’s broker can be a very beneficial tool, especially if they have worked for sellers also. Through my experience working with both, I find there is always a common ground both buyer and seller reach on every deal, that common ground can be easier to find with a buyer’s broker.

Happy Hunting!

Luke Constantino
Keller Williams Real Estate
9120 4th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11209
Office: (718) 954 8400
Direct: (212) 300-3919


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