What is my house worth now?

Where do I start? Do I need a lawyer? Who do I tell my house is for sale?


There are a million questions that go through someone’s mind when they are getting ready to sell their house/property and there are very few property owners who can answer all of them. This is why the majority of home owners seek out an experienced Realtor.


Everyone has an opinion or an aunt who is “in real estate” who says your house is worth X amount “and you shouldn’t take a penny less!!!”  But in reality, every property is different.  There are different factors that make the same house/property right next to each other worth more or less. An experienced Realtor can determine what your property is worth primarily with a CMA (Comparable Market Analysis)

  1. CMA: Most of your large internet companies use this method along with property tax records to determine a good price for your property to sell for. They take recently sold homes in your area that are the same in size, location, etc. and come about with a fairly decent value. What an experienced Realtor will do is more area specific. They also factor in the improvements you have done on your property along with curb appeal, demand, etc. Your property might be worth more than you think.

Remember how attractive/appealing you home was to you when you first got it? Since then, you have collected a lot of “stuff”, put a lot of wear and tear on it and now have to go through the process of peeling away the years to make it look that good again. Not an easy process, it’s going to take a little organization and work.


Oh yes, all that glorious “stuff” you have accumulated though the years has to go somewhere. When a prospective buyer comes to see your place, they want to see the least amount of clutter as possible. Keep your rooms and foyers clutter free and wide open: The more area showing, the better. Open curtains and drapes to give it that sun drenched feeling. No one likes dark lit rooms.


A leaky faucet, one broken tile in the back of the bathroom, loose painted doorknob, screen door, etc. they have to be replaced. Look around your place, see what is damaged and ask yourself: “If I was a buyer, would I want to see this?” Did you know that painting the interior of your property can raise the value by $5,000?


This is pretty easy stuff: You see two houses for sale for the same price, one has a freshly painted exterior, manicured garden and a beautiful green lawn, the other looks like the scary lady’s house who has a few hundred cats…  Which doorbell are you likely to ring?

  1. SMELL

You would be surprised how many houses I have walked into and some kind of rancid odor hit me as soon as the door opened. Sometimes the cleanest houses have them and the people living there are oblivious to it because they smell it every day. A home’s aroma is very important when guests show up… Please be aware of yours.


We have a saying in the real estate business “everything works”. The vast amount of tools and networking an experienced Realtor has at their fingertips is of no comparison to a regular person. Sure, you might be able to find a few people by putting a sign on your lawn, posting to Craigslist or talking to the neighbors, but do you know if the people you find are even qualified to buy your home? Will they give you the price you want? Who are they anyhow? You’re leaving yourself and your home exposed to strangers this way.


Have I used Craigslist? Of course… It’s a very strong tool, but did you know as an experienced Realtor I have hundreds of different venues I can advertise your home/ property on? Some are local and some national. I could post your home in different languages to different places… Worldwide.


As an experienced Realtor I have buyers on file for different areas. If I cannot find a buyer I can always call on a network of hundreds, maybe even thousands of professionals from different venues I have acquired throughout the years.

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimizer)

What is that? Did you know the internet searches for certain keywords and phrases constantly on different subjects? When you pull up a subject on Google it’s the SEO’s that bring the best things possible to the top for you. I advertise your home/property with proven effective target key words, long tail keywords and phrases that an SEO will bring to the proper investor/buyer.


I myself will not show anyone’s property unless I know the buyer is pre-approved. A majority of people waste their time showing homes/property to people who don’t even have the finances to purchase.  I think this is one of the worst practices in real estate: It fools the seller into thinking real buyers are interested in their property.


There are many real estate attorneys who charge different rates, some are very good, and some are not. An experienced Realtor would have the names and numbers to various attorneys he/she has done business with frequently  that can work with the type of property you are selling.

Experience counts now more than ever. Selling or buying a home is one of the biggest investments you are ever going to deal with. Leave it to a professional… Call a Realtor.

Luke Constantino
Keller Williams Real Estate
9120 4th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11209
Office: (718) 954 8400
Direct: (212) 300-3919


Luke Constantino has been a Realtor in the NYC area for over 15 years, covering all 5 boroughs. He has also been a guest speaker at numerous seminars, given advice in newspapers, magazines and on television. Mr. Constantino currently works in the Park Slope area for Remax at the Slope in Brooklyn.


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