My Neighborhood: Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

By Luke Constantino 11/14/2012


What does the word “cobble” mean?

Cobble Hill is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Brooklyn, just south of Brooklyn Heights and north of Carroll Gardens; its name was derived from all the cobblestones left here from the ships that used them as ballast. Cobblestone ballasts kept large ships (which had large sails back in the 1600’s) from tipping over and gave them an even keel. Back then, South Brooklyn was a major shipping port.

The beautiful homes


Cobble Hill has some of the most beautiful homes in NYC, dating back to the mid 1800’s. Most of the homes here are designated as historical landmarks. There are a few different influences here: Romanesque, Greek, Gothic, Queen Anne and French structures. The tree lined streets here are some of the most beautiful streets NYC has to offer.

Retail, Restaurants and Lounges


Where do I start? You can get everything here and then some! Court and Smith Street have some of the best restaurants and shopping in NYC.  People from all over the 5 boroughs flock here at any given time, especially on the weekends. If you are a foodie like me… Cobble Hill is the place! From “The Peanut Butter Bomb” at “Wild Ginger” to “The Hangover” at “Mooburger” you will be hard pressed to find such an eclectic variety of restaurants so close to each other. They even have formal dining, such as “Marco Polo’s Ristorante” (one of my favorites).But if your just looking for a good loaf of Italian bread of some cookies, stop by Capouto’s on Court Street, right next to my office.


There is so much to see and do here I cannot mention it all. Here are a few sites that might help you:


Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens Patch

Cobble Hill Association Blog

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