What I have learned from history is that different measures need to be taken at certain times for different conditions, until those conditions change. I really think this initiative I wrote (TAI) can help if activated properly. I honestly don’t see anything getting better. It’s just a matter of time before something like Orlando Florida happens again. I don’t want to see that and it should be avoided at all costs. I don’t believe guns/weapons are the problem, I believe it’s the person(s) holding the gun/weapon. No matter how much gun control an area has, these sick people will find a way to get a weapon and use it inappropriately. I think we need to even the odds a little more towards our citizens and place some doubt in a terrorists mind and deter them. In time, maybe this might bring tragedies like Orlando, Paris and Belgium to a minimum and make anyone who has horrible thoughts like this think twice.




Given to ex-military and/or responsible gun owners who live within visual distance of any soft target areas (ie: nightclubs, restaurants, parks, churches, recreation areas etc.)


I, _____________________ will be actively vigilant in protecting my area against any active shooter situations to decrease the amount of damage/fatalities. I will not do anything until such a situation occurs. 


Designated area, club, park restaurant


Completed TAI training seminar


To be renewed every 2 years.

This is a basic form that can be slightly changed if needed, but the premise should remain the same.

Police departments have active shooter training: one of the officers or the teacher of this course should give a little time to teach a class to the qualified volunteers in their community. We also have a lot of good veterans/registered gun owners who would be proud to be a part of this community action.

If not, federal funding should be available for this action we need so desperately to put into place in every soft target area in America. The cost would be minimal and it would save lives.

Stores, restaurants clubs, etc would display a “TAI PROTECTED” sign in their window as a deterrent and TAI should be a publicly known campaign through commercials, internet, etc.

As Americans, we cannot sit back and watch helplessly while our community members are being slaughtered by premeditated violence towards unsuspecting citizens. I believe an initiative like this would set world precedence and lower the amount of hate and terrorist attacks in our nation and beyond. I live in NYC and I’m afraid for my family, friends and neighbors ever since 9/11. I fear that one day, someone close to me might get killed just shopping or playing in a park. I don’t think anyone should have to live like this… Especially in America.




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